Speaking of DIVERSITY….

19 Feb

Speaking of diversity, true diversity, I have to call attention to the diversity of black women. I cannot continue onwith this blog if I do not show you just how diverse we as black women can truly be. You see, black is beautiful because it is constantly changing and evolving. It’s beautiful and perfect because you don’t have to be from one specific place to embrace it or claim it or show it off! Black comes from different countries, speaks different languages, understands multiple dialects, wears different clothes, values different things, and I love that. It’s beautiful because we can all come together for dinner on a Friday night and just laugh. The connections we have is freeing and its almost as though when we are together we can, for just a little while, stop holding our breath. De Brazil, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, America, Ghana it doesn’t matter because we are all black. Being a black women is more than just having brown skin, and isnot only having brown skin. I have grandmothers and cousins who have skin as pale as a piece of paper and they too are black. Being black, claiming it menas claiming an entire culture foreign to most people. owever it also means claiming and owning a sisterhood. BEAUTIFUL.


One Response to “Speaking of DIVERSITY….”

  1. Mark March 7, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    I really like your emphasis here on culture as the key.

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