So, You Mean I’m NOT Crazy?!

1 May

This week in my web searching, I stumbled across a couple of new WordPress blogs by the names of “Black Girl Thinking” and “Black Stereotypes”. Now, I have my own qualms with the choice of title for either of these blogs, but the content of them, is well, perfect! Sometimes, as a black woman in America, I feel a little bit crazy, just a little bit. Someone may make a racist comment, be sexist towards me, be sexist in general, objectify me, exoticize me…something will happen, and I will deny myself the right to call their actions into question. I will tell myself, “well, maybe they really have never seen a black person before”, or “it’s possible that they really didn’t know that black women could have long natural hair”. I will tell myself these things out of habit. I will tell myself these things to make myself feel more comfortable with the fact that that person is wrong in their actions, or their comments, or their beliefs. BUT, every so often, I encounter another person who can affirm what I feel, who knows I am not crazy in my feelings. I did not read every post on these two blogs. I am not saying I completely agree with every post, but these people know what they’re talking about. I can appreciate that. Visit their blogs to see for yourself!


3 Responses to “So, You Mean I’m NOT Crazy?!”

  1. evancrimmins May 3, 2013 at 5:16 am #

    The values that you hold to yourself are present in this post, along with all others. You value an undiscriminating and equal community and try to provide the information that all are capable of this. Your voice is well articulated and you are able to present personal attests to what is the unfortunate truth of location and people’s mindset. You are an editorialist and are able to assess what sort of judgmental or negative things can be said, and how to embrace your own unique heritage.

  2. amberpettell May 3, 2013 at 11:53 am #

    You show how dedicated you are when talking about something that clearly means a lot to you passion is a quality employers will value. As i your clarity.

    Love the thought quotes to highlight voice. Nice job incoperating community within WordPress.

  3. jshisler3060 May 3, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    A. The communcal values that you project as being important to the employer is the sense that no one should be discriminated. You show appreciation for other peoples blogs who seem to value the same thing you do. You guys are in the fight for it together and the fact that you give them a shout out in your entry means a lot to the community.

    B. Your writing is powerful, you have a great voice established in your posts. “blogs by the names of “Black Girl Thinking” and “Black Stereotypes”. Now, I have my own qualms with the choice of title for either of these blogs, but the content of them, is well, perfect!” You show concern about the names, but respect the content of your peers, and your voice comes out with the line that I have shown. Also, you provide links to the blogs at the bottom of your post so the reader can continue to peruse through discriminating issues.

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