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Look at me. NO. Really LOOK at Me..

26 Apr

This woman only scratches the surface of day to day stereotypes black women face. She only scratches the surface of the hurt we feel on a day to day basis because of these stereotypes…. You may have watched this video in disbelief, shaking your head surprised that anyone could ever make such awful assumptions, but if you have friends, family, aquaintances or if you are one who has ever said these things, or thought them, you are just as guilty.

There is so much information out there created to tell you how a black woman thinks, how she lives, how she works, how she looks. I am here to tell you it is ALL wrong! Look at me, really look at me, and then ask. I will tell you whatever you want to know.



4 Feb

Hello EVERYONE. Any one who has ever wondered about natrual hair on a black woman’s head, anyone who has ever been amazed or intrigued by the numerous shades of brown a black woman can own; Anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and saw more than just the color of their skin, anyone who has ever doubted its power, its strength, or its beauty. I write to those young brown girls who never feel quite comfortable in their dark brown, chocolate, caramel, mocha, or high yellow skin. The young brown girls who want their hair long, straight, and easy to comb because to them that is what they thought would make them beautiful. The young brown girls who refuse to leave the house without makeup because in the media ads and magazine clips  the prettiest, wealthiest, most popular women are themselves covered in makeup. I write to the black woman who aspires to be something more than just a black woman in America. I write to the immigrant woman fresh out of the islands whose tongue still holds the patois accent and the vibrant ting both at the beginning and at the end of every sentence that reminds her of home, the young brown mother whose mother was too young to know how to care for her because she had a mother who was young and in the very same position just the same. I write to the brown woman or girl who “acts white”, and the brown woman who is realizing her dreams, the brown woman who is getting her degree, and the brown woman who is playing both roles as mommy and daddy for her children. But, to write for just the brown woman would be a contradiction in itself I believe, because to deprive all those who do not necessarily “fit” under the category of a brown woman would be to keep the secrets and wonders of our beauty to ourselves. So, I write for everyone. White, black, brown, and any other color our society now commonly uses to replace one’s actual identity for a shade on a color chart. I write for the little white girl new to kindergarden who has never seen a brown girl before. I write to the person who belives that dreadlocks are unprofessional, dirty and only worn by Jamaicans. I write for the young person who was taught that only black people suffer from poverty or only thin African children are starving. I write for the person who feels intimidated whenever more than two people of color are standing in a group on the sidewalk. I write for the aspiring family of color who saved and budgeted to build their own home on the countryside that are commonly referred to as “the new black family down the street”, because the neighborhood is so segregated that when a black family moves in the entire town is aware. I write for the milk chocolate skinned Dominican who once she stepped off the plane from DR to NYC was stripped of her Domincan identity and automatically categorized as black, or African American. I write to you; to all of you…who ever wondered, who ever thought, who ever questioned, who ever hoped. To all of you who dont know…Hello!