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Letter to Little Brown Girls

1 Apr

Dear Brown Girl,

You are beautiful. You are radiant and unique and natural and pure. See how the sun rises as you smile and the rain falls when you’re sad. See how the moon glows in your essence. The world, this world, our world revolves around you brown girl, it just doesn’t know it yet. Hold your hand up to the light. You have a brown all your own. Little brown girl you are unique in that. Vanilla Chai to Caramel to that sweet Dulce con Leche, smooth cocoa brown chocolate , dark chocolate good for every man’s heart, and everything in between. Little brown girl do not be afraid of standing out. Do not try and hide behind a man that uses and abuses your brown; Makeup that lightens your brown, hiding that which God hand crafted, and he saw that it was good brown, creating us in his image brown. Money, that comes and goes. Fear.  It’s somethin’ about fear that makes you lose yourself–makes you forget your brown. Little brown girl always remember who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. Remember your roots, your ancestors: African, Dominican, Puerto Rican, West Indian, Caribbean. Little brown girl remember your hips. Embrace them. Move them to the beat of the congas, the ‘ting of the steel pan. Listen to the talking drum and remember what it tells you, remember the history, so that you can one day, pass that brown on to another little brown girl. The smell of mama frying sweet platanos, coconut tart, and curry on a Saturday morning , a mix all her own, and and dance brown girl! Raise your hands, reach towards the sun and remember all that you have done, and all that you can do. Brown girl, this world is yours, it just doesnt know it yet. Straighteners, perms, texturizers, extensions. Mariposa’s “Broken Ends, Broken Promises — Poem for my grifah rican sister” brown. Shout:

Black hair is beautiful.

¡Que viva pelo libre!

¡Que viva!”

And smile, little brown girl, because those who stare, point, laugh, taunt, they do not understand just yet that the sun rises with you, the trees sway when you walk by, the clouds shield you from danger, the grass grows for your comfort, the birds sing to put you at ease, and the moon shines because it knowns that even in the dark, little brown girl, even in the darkest places, your brown is beautiful, and it is all yours.

Brown girl, you are Maya Angelou’s “Caged Bird”, her “Phenomenal Woman”, Neruda’s “Brown and Agile Child”, brown girl you are me. I have been where you are. hating your brown one minute and loving it the next. trying to match your brown, trying to find somewhere — anywhere it can belong, cutting your brown,giving your brown away, selling it for parts because no one has ever told you that “the world, it revolves around your brown”. no one ever told you, hold on just a little while longer cuz God has created someone special, someone just for your brown. no one ever told you there is no other like your brown.  Little brown girl, I am writing this to you, so that if no one ever tells you, “I love you”, well, I do.